Rodent Removal

The number one call for this time of year is rodents. Rodents are a diverse group that includes rats, mice, squirrels, chipmunks, and voles. As the nights get cooler, rodents will attempt to find a warmer place to call home. Make sure your home is not their choice.

If rodents have moved in to your home and attempts at removal haven’t worked, call Dolphin Pest Control. Our trained exterminators will evaluate your specific situation to resolve your rodent problem and protect your home or business against future infestation.

Glue boards or traps may be used to catch these pesky rodents indoors and in secured crawl space areas. You may use rodenticides in a crawl space as well. Never use rodenticides indoors unless you are prepared to deal with the possibility of a rodent dying in your cabinet voids, walls, or attic. Most importantly, DO NOT put any rodenticides outside unless you have the proper rodent bait stations.

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Rodents are adaptable, capable of learning by trial and error. As a result, people trying to control them on their own may struggle to do so. They can cause damage to buildings, contaminate food, and transmit disease, so you’ll want to follow these steps in order to prevent or remove any rodents that may be nesting in your home:

  • Make sure HVAC entrance lines are properly sealed and any holes or cracks around foundation walls are properly secured. Disturbed insulation in attics and crawl spaces may be a sign of nesting.
  • Check your exterior doors for entry points. Seal and/or replace weather strips and thresholds to eliminate entry points. Cut back shrubs and tree limbs away from the home which could create bridges for rodents.
  • Keep the exterior perimeter of your home free from stored items such as firewood piles or boxes. These items provide excellent shelter for rodents.
  • Lay traps in areas you suspect rodents may be congregating. You might try laying a trap with bait but not setting it to convince the rodent that the trap is safe. If your bait is gone, re-bait and set the trap, checking back often.
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While you may never actually see a rodent, you may hear them in your walls or less frequented areas of your home. If you suspect rodents are in the walls, leave a few exit points so that they have a chance to escape and do not die in wall space.

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