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It’s not uncommon to see an occasional smoky brown cockroach. However, if you don't have a regular pest control services, the population around your home will be much higher and your sightings will be greater. Call Dolphin Pest Control at the first sign of roaches in your home or business to avoid further infestation. Even the cleanest homes and buildings can be subject to roach infestation. 

There are at least 25 species of cockroaches in Alabama, but only 5 of them present a serious hazard to property and health. Most roaches live outdoors and pose no problems, but inside a home or business they can cause a number of issues:

  • Roaches can carry diseases, and are most often found near food sources or waste deposits. 
  • Roach feces, body parts, and the dust created exacerbate asthma or other respiratory problems. Many roach species shed body parts as they grow into adults.
  • Roaches can cause an unpleasant odor if there are enough of them.
  • Roaches damage property by chewing or soiling papers, books, upholstery, and other household materials
  • Roaches do bite, and can even chew on fingernails and eyelashes of sleepers.

The main types of roaches seen indoors in Alabama include the German Cockroach, the Brownbanded Cockroach, the American Cockroach, the Smokey Brown Cockroach, and the Oriental Cockroach. Of these, most are found in the basement or the first and second stories of buildings. Only the Smokey Brown Cockroach likes attics and upper reaches of homes or other buildings. All of them prefer dark places such as storerooms, cabinets, areas around drains, underneath drawers, etc.

an american cockroach

Cockroaches can enter through sewage pipes, cracks and crevices, in bags or boxes, and vents. They can flatten themselves to fit in very tight places. Roaches are nocturnal, so when you see a roach during daylight hours, that probably means there are many more hiding in the area. Roaches have a life cycle that includes egg, nymph, and adult, so treating for cockroach infestations is an on-going process. 

If you suspect a cockroach infestation, call us. Other than seeing cockroaches, we can also detect whether there are roaches in a home or other building by finding cockroach feces, discarded roach parts, or eggs. We are very familiar with the methods necessary to eliminate your pest problem, so call us when you see signs of cockroaches in your home or building. As one of Birmingham’s top pest control companies, we are roach exterminators extraordinaire.

Once you see one roach, there will be more of them. Call us to find and eliminate your pest problem.

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Dolphin Pest Control in my opinion is the best pest control company in the state!

Greg P. - Liberty Automotive -Trussville, AL

This company comes highly recommended for any type of pest control. The service that is provided is of such quality that it leaves no room for complaints. They are prompt, efficient, dependable, and their conduct is beyond reproach. They have serviced our company for nearly seven years, and if there is concerns in regards to the service rendered at any particular time I can always contact Mr. Ibe and have always received a quick response. I have never received any concerns or complaints from customers that I have recommended for service provided by Dolphin Pest Control.


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