Alabama is one of the 5 worst states in the U.S. for fleas. Anyone who owns animals that are ever outside can be subject to flea infestations. Fleas can cause serious skin irritation to your animals and also carry diseases and pests such as canine tapeworms. Although humans are not usually carriers, they can be bitten and flea bites are much more painful and long lasting than those caused by mosquitos. One of the first indications you may have fleas in your home is bites that last longer and itch more.

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Fleas have a life cycle similar to that of a butterfly. That is, egg, larva, pupa, pre-emergent adult, and adult. The adult female has to have blood to lay the eggs. She lays the eggs on the host, and then the eggs eventually roll off into the areas the host inhabits, to hatch 2-6 days later.

Fleas can live in furniture, carpets, and bedding. Once a home has an infestation of fleas, getting rid of them is a multistage process.

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  • Treat pets to kill the adult fleas resident on them. Some flea control medicines or topical treatments are also designed to kill the eggs and larva that are directly on your pet.
  • We will treat your house to kill all the flea stages that are susceptible to treatment. We will ask that you vacuum prior to the flea treatment in order to remove as many eggs as possible.
  • We will treat your exterior perimeter and/or yard for flea infested areas.
  • We will return in approximately 3 weeks, if necessary, to kill the remaining hatchlings from eggs that were not removed by vacuuming.

Fleas are unpleasant for you and your pets. Eliminating a flea infestation will preserve the health of your animals and family. Call us at the first sign of fleas in your home. Catching them early makes flea extermination much easier.

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