Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to sign an annual contract for pest control service?
No. You do not have to sign an annual contract for pest control services.

Do I need a monthly service?
No. Most pest infestations do not require on ongoing monthly service. However, depending on the particular pest and the level of infestation, a few monthly services may be required to obtain an adequate level of control prior to going to a less frequent service, like bi-monthly (every other month) or quarterly (every 3 months).

Do I need an ongoing pest control service?
Maybe. It depends on a few factors: pest(s), level of infestation(s) and your immediate environment around the perimeter of your home or business.

Do you offer One-Time Services?
Yes. We offer one-time pest control services. A one-time pest control service may not adequately control all pest infestations.

Which pest control service frequency is best for my home or business?
The best pest control service frequency for your home or business is determined by a few factors. Some of the factors we consider prior to making any service frequency recommendations include, but are not limited to the following: pest(s), level of infestation(s), immediate environment, customer’s tolerance levels for bugs and customer’s budget.

Do I need to remove everything from my cabinets?
In most cases you do not have to remove anything from your cabinets and/or your pantry. However, sometimes with ants and pantry pests some items may have to be removed from your cabinets and/or pantry for the for the best possible treatment.

Is it okay to use Over-The-Counter pest control products?
Maybe. It depends on the pest. Many insects and pests which invade our homes and businesses can easily become chemical resistant to Over-The-Counter products. Also, some species of ants and roaches can be spread more quickly throughout the home or business through the use of Over-The-Counter products.

Are your services safe for my family, employees and/or pets?
Yes, the manner in which we mix and apply our products in and around your home or business will not pose a threat to you, your family, employees or pets.

Do I have to leave my home or business during service?
In most cases you do not have to leave your home or business for service. The products we use in and around your home or business are very low odor and odorless products. There are times when a customer may have to leave their home or business. For example, an interior flea service requires a customer to leave their home or business for a few hours until the products dry and/or the home or business is ventilated.

Are your services guaranteed?
Yes. Our services are guaranteed. If you ever need a service in between your service frequency, we will be happy to return and re-treat your home or business. The key to pest control is consistent service and the right service frequency for your home or business.

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