Commercial Pest Control Service

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At Dolphin Pest Control, we know that providing a safe and healthy environment for your business, employees, customers, or tenants is important to you. Part of a healthy environment is being insect and pest free. 

We know you also want to protect your investment. Many of the pests we exterminate can damage your building or your building contents. Ants can destroy building materials and compromise structural integrity. Cockroaches can soil and damage paper products, upholstery, and other fabrics. But the biggest damage may be to the reputation of your business, institution, or complex.

Dolphin Pest Control provides custom services tailored to your type of business, your business or institutional schedule, the functions of your business, the types of products or equipment you have on hand, the sources of infestation likely, the location of your building(s), and water sources in the area. All of these can affect the extermination services you require and the methods we use to provide them.

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We will meet with you, tour your facilities and inspect them for any insect or pest infestations that may currently exist. We will discuss with you how we can control and/or eliminate current problems, and then how an ongoing program will help keep your facility pest free. 

We have monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly service programs. We offer indoor and exterior treatment services, as well as options for any outdoor areas of your property you wish to protect. We also provide seasonal services to take care of special insect and pest problems that are tied to calendar and climate changes.

Call Dolphin Pest Control. We are licensed, bonded, and insured. We have over 35 years experience as pest and insect exterminators, are State of Alabama certified, and have odor-free and low odor products. Our goal is not only to meet, but exceed your expectations for customer service.

We provide a premium, quality service at an affordable price. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

Customer Testimonials:

Dolphin Pest Control - Excellent service and results. Hard to find in the restaurant business. Thank you, Mike!

New York Pizza, Homewood, AL

I have been a customer for at least 10 years, have very good service, and Dolphin keeps my work place (Gardendale-Serra KIA) pest free as well.

Doug M. - Birmingham, AL 

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