Ants and Spiders

Dolphin Pest Control wants you to know about the pests that can infest your home, business, or property. Some of them are definitely dangerous, and we’d like to make sure you know how to identify them. Protect yourself, and then call us. We’ll get rid of any infestations so that you, your family, and your employees will feel safe.

While spiders do perform a useful function -- getting rid of other insects -- most people do not want them inside their home or business. And no one wants potentially dangerous spiders anywhere near family, friends, or employees. There are 3 kinds in Alabama that can cause more than a temporarily painful bite. Here is how to identify them, and what to do in case of a bite.

a brown recluse and black widow spider
  • Brown Recluse Spider: A brown recluse is dark brown with a black violin shaped mark on its back. They inhabit places like the backs of closets, wood piles, and other dark, enclosed spaces. If you are bitten, the bite may not seem unusual at first, but can develop into a serious wound. If bitten do seek medical treatment. Multiple brown recluse bites are dangerous.
  • Black Widow Spider: Female black widow spiders have a red hour-glass shaped mark on the underside. The female spider is larger and more venomous than the male. If bitten, symptoms will develop quickly. Seek medical treatment immediately.
  • Brown Widow Spider: These spiders range from light to dark brown, even gray, with a yellow or orange hour-glass mark. They are less venomous than the black widow but can cause serious reactions also.

All spiders can produce unpleasant reactions. So call us when you see spider infestations, and we will get rid of the pests. We are the ones to call for arachnid control as well as high quality pest and insect control.

There are more than 10,000 species of ant around the world. Most ants are relatively harmless, although colonies of ants can cause problems in building materials. There are some ants who are dangerous to humans and animals. The most common in Alabama is the fire ant. Actually, the fire ant entered the U.S. through Mobile, AL, and has now spread all over the southeastern U.S.

Argentine ants are major pests to homes.
  • Fire Ants: These ants nest in soil, frequently near water sources. Most ants bite and then spray a substance on the bite and that is what you feel. Fire ants actually have stingers, and the mandibles are only to grab onto the subject while they inject the poison. They have been known to attack and kill small animals. The venom of fire ants can cause severe allergic reactions, and these require immediate medical attention. Otherwise, antihistamines and topical treatments are available over the counter. Either way, no one wants to encounter fire ants. They should be eliminated immediately.
  • Argentine Ants: These are the number one home infesting ants in Alabama and the Southeast, and are ranked among the world's 100 worst animal invaders. Argentine ants can easily squeeze through cracks and holes no more than 1 millimeter, often entering structures in search of food or water to escape flooded nests during periods of heavy rainfall.

Other ants may not be as harmful as the two listed above, but all ants can cause problems in a home or business.

Call us if you see any sign of ants inside your home or business. We provide high quality pest control to exterminate them, protecting you, your family, and your home.

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